Infiniti Token is frictionless community based charity token that donates money to organisations around the world. Although our primary focus is water and food provisions, we do support all ranges of charity work.

How i can buy $INTO tokens?

To buy $INTO token you need a wallet that supports BEP-20 networks like metamask and trust wallet. On the home page there are video tutorials that you can watch if you are unfamiliar with these. Alternatively you an contact us via our contact page, email or join our telegram chat to get assistance from the community and admins.

Can I request a project?

Yes, we will create a poll regularly and have the community vote on which charities we could donate to.

Can I donate directly?

Yes, check out our donate page for donation options.

My token doesn't show up in my wallet after I purchased them.

You will need to add the token manually. Follow these steps; In trust wallet, click on the setting icon in the top right corner. Copy the token ID from Infinity’s website on the home page and paste it in the “Search tokens” bar. The token details should populate once it’s found. Click on the “Toggle switch” to add this to your dashboard, then click on “Add Custom Token”. If you are still experiencing issues contact us for assistance.